Is your mom a bad parent?

Hi! This is a quiz that will determine your mom's toxicity and strictness. I hope that you will not show any visuals of being toxic to your mom. I hope that this quiz finds you well.

I'm not sure if this quiz will be good for how your mother-daughter relationship will be, or how you think of her. If you ever get the bad result, just know that Jesus gave you to this world. And be thankful for being born! :) Love you all!

Created by: Strawberriesforlife
  1. When she gets mad, does she just ignore you or give you the cold treatment?
  2. If you think about your childhood or when you were younger, what do you think about?
  3. Do you think your mom controls you?
  4. Do you and your mother usually have arguments?
  5. Does she let you eat want you want but judges you about being fat/obese?
  6. How often does she say "I love you" or "I love you too"
  7. Does your mom punish you physically when she gets angry/mad?
  8. How rarely does she shout at you?
  9. Does your mom demand you to do stuff for her?
  10. (This question is unrelated to this quiz) What do you think about this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my mom a bad parent?