Is your fursona good?

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Ah the furry fandom. A wonderful place full of wonderful fuzzy people, but you need to represent yourself, a fursona! But how do you know if it's good?

This is just a quiz to help new furs or old ones deciding what to so with their fursonas or help with developing ones! It ranks everything from what is it's color scene to its backstory to give you an accurate result!

Created by: nyandragons

  1. What species is your fursona?
  2. What color scheme is most like your fursona?
  3. How many accessories does your fursona have?
  4. How is your fursona typically drawn?
  5. What is your fursonas backstory?
  6. Do you like your fursona?
  7. What do you do in the fandom?
  8. Do you think your fursona is good?
  9. Why are you here?
  10. Would you make a new fursona if you had to?

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Quiz topic: Is my fursona good?