is your character original?

this quiz is about originality and perfection ( sorta ). well this is complicated idk what else to put so imma just keep typing until i have 150 characters.

i don't wanna write 2 paragraphs so go ahead into the quiz. dear god this is complicated as crap soooooooooo idk what else to put again so lolololololol

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  1. is your character a cat or dog?
  2. is your character rainbow ( or another bright color like that? ) or is it brown and dark colored?
  3. does your character wear a sweater?
  4. he or she?
  5. does your character do magic or fly?
  6. do you consider your character a mary sue/ gary stu?
  7. do you roleplay as your character?
  8. if your character does magic/fly what type of magic and how high can they fly?
  9. characters favorite meal?
  10. alright, last question. does your character have friends/family that has tragically died?

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Quiz topic: Is my character original?