Is Your "Best Friend" A Good Friend?

There are many people who consider evryone or just random people to be there best friends but in real life they're not and you never want to lead them on! In this quiz you can see if you and your Bestie are really "BESTIES!"

Do you really have a bestie? DO THEY know you like they should? now thanks to this quiz you can find out and think about these important things again!

Created by: lyndsey
  1. Does your best friend know common stuff about you like your birthday, middle name, favorites, ect?
  2. When Your Sad He/She always knows whats Up
  3. You can trust your best friend with anything
  4. They always put you first
  5. If you need them they will be there in a heartbeat
  6. Your best friend advises you to do bad things you know you should'nt do
  7. Your best friend trusts you with their problems
  8. they would always put you before themselves
  9. They communicate and tlk to you about anything and things tht bother you
  10. They take their anger out on you
  11. They give you attitude and make you feel bad like they dont care
  12. They apologize for hings they did wrong and try to make you feel happy

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Quiz topic: Is my "Best Friend" A Good Friend?