Is That A New Jersey Accent I Hear?

So, I'm guessing you live in New Jersey, but you aren't sure if you have an Accent from the state. Well, do you? This quiz will give you very accurate results.

Pleease rate, comment (nicely, with some criticism), and recomend this quiz to others if you like. You can also try my other quizzes. PS: Are You A Normal Girl? can be for boys too. Just forget the name.

Created by: xendocheionology

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  1. When you say talk...
  2. Say "New Jersey". Now click on the pronounciation you just used.
  3. Say the name "Kaite". What pronunciation?
  4. When you say "dog" does in sound like "dawg"?
  5. When you say the word "it" do you even say "it", or do you just say "i", without bothering to make the "t" sound
  6. When you mean to say "are" are you just saying "aw" instead?
  7. Is your voice slightly high pitched at sometimes, and very low at others? (after puberty)
  8. Say walk.
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