Is my dog fat quiz?

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It is said that 24 out of 40 dogs in America are fat. Isn't that shocking? Not really! That's almost as much for humans. Sometimes it is super hard to tell. Your trainer may say fat while the vet says perfect or vise versa.

If you are worried about your dog's weight then take this quiz. This quiz asks quality questions giving the most perfect, accurate, and complex result. So take this quiz and see if your dog is a little over the weight line. Please be honest, it's for your dog's own good! Have a nice day and enjoy!

Created by: Dogs are the Best
  1. Check the American Kennel Club Dogs and find the average weight of your dog's breed and gendre. Now, is your dog's weight in the same range?
  2. Can you see a tuck in your dog's belly?
  3. How much excersize does your dog get?
  4. What does your vet say about your dog's weight?
  5. What kind of dog food do you use? ( if your food is not there, the closest brand )
  6. Does your dog have fat rolls?
  7. is your dog a breed that easily gains? ( yorkies, chihuahuas, shelties, labs, ect )
  8. How much food is your dog given?
  9. Does your dog have diabetes?
  10. Does your dog have problems jumping on the sofa?
  11. Does your dog walk slowly and can't run?
  12. Do you think your dog is fat?

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