Is My Dad an Alcoholic

Are you concerned about your dad's drinking? This quiz may help you in determining whether or not you should consider asking for help. However, if you are wondering if your dad is an alcoholic that is in and of itself a sign that there may be a problem. It would be a good idea to reach out to a medical provider or, if you are a minor, a sign that you should tell a teacher or other trusted adult about what's going on.

Please note that this is not a scientific quiz and is not in any way a substitute for professional advice or diagnosis. If you feel that someone you love may have a problem with alcohol please reach out to a medical provider or other professional.

Created by: Sam

  1. How many alcoholic beverages does your father drink per day?
  2. Does your father ever shake or tremble in the morning?
  3. How many days per week does your father drink alcohol?
  4. Does your father ever get "black out" drunk? That is, does he ever get so drunk/intoxicated that he doesn't remember the things he did while he was drunk?
  5. Do you ever worry about your father's drinking?
  6. Has your father ever been to rehab for his drinking?
  7. Have any friends or family ever expressed concern over your father's drinking?
  8. Does your father ever drink large amounts (5 alcoholic beverages or more) in short periods of time?
  9. Does your father have an alcoholic beverage the first thing in the morning?
  10. Has your father ever gotten into legal trouble for his drinking? Examples would be things like getting his license taken away for drunk driving, being arrested for public intoxication, drunk and disorderly conduct, etc.

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