Is it love that you are experiencing?

We will all at some point in our lives, feel the popular and powerful feeling called LOVE. But are YOU experiencing this desire for someone, love, right NOW?!

This is a really good, very accurate love quiz but because there are so many love quizzes, these rare good ones are difficult to find. Take this rarity to truly know if you love THEM.

Created by: EmraldYE

  1. Lame question, I know...but... Do you THINK you're in love?
  2. Is there a certain someone that this could-be love is directed toward?
  3. Age difference?
  4. How much do you truly long to be with them every day?
  5. How do you feel when they can't be with you for a day or more?
  6. Every chance you get do you talk to them or continuously stare?
  7. Imagine yourself hugging them tightly.
  8. Now imagine yourself kissing them.
  9. Now imagine yourself doing you-know-what with them.
  10. If they said they loved you but cheated on you, what would you feel?
  11. See ya! Choose one of these super random things....

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