Is Ideal Protein Right For You?

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Are you Overweight, tired, sick, or just sick of being tired? You are in the right place. Congratulations for making the first step in your journey towards a healthier life!

Is IDEAL PROTEIN right for you? Are you ready to change your health and your life? Please take 5 minutes to complete the quiz and call or email us if you have any questions on Ideal Protein!

Created by: Ideal Wellness of Ideal Wellness
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  1. How much weight do you want or need to lose?
  2. Have you tried other diets before?
  3. Do you exercise regularly? *We ask you NOT to exercise during phase 1 of Ideal Protein
  4. Do you want to lose 10 pounds or more?
  5. Have you ever visited a weight loss coach or had nutrition training on-going as part of a diet?
  6. How much money would you spend on your health?
  7. How much do you currently spend on groceries and dinning out?
  8. Do you have a busy and active life that makes it hard to eat and prepare on your own 3-4 balanced meals a day?
  9. If you could lose 2-4 (women) and 3-5 (men) pounds per week of fat , just by changing what you eat would you?
  10. Are you ready to change your life and change your health for the better?

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