Intelligence Tester Part 3

Are you truly intelligent? It's time to find out. In this third piece to Thunderclap's "Intelligence Tester" series, you will face even more questions, and learn more about how you apply yourself in school, where your strong and weak points are, and if you are cut out for the quiz team.

There are few people who are capable of producing straight A's in every topic at once, but if you can make it into the top score bracket...well, we'll just see what happens. Take this quiz to find out where you land in the intelligence category, and test your skills in many different topics!

Created by: Thunderclap

  1. Question one. Category: Math. Question: 50 + 37 - 23 + 2 - 45 + 375,000 - 10 = ? (NOTE: Please do not use a calculator, pencil, pen or paper. Do this in your head.)
  2. Question two. Category: Math/Brain Teaser. Question: Cindy has raised parakeets for four years. Cindy started with a parakeet from each gender. Every year, the parakeets had a total of eleven eggs. How many parakeets did the original set produce, and what information do you not need to solve the puzzle?
  3. Question three. Category: Math/Brain Teaser. Question: Matthew's favorite color is in between white and black. It is made with two other colors. What is Matthew's favorite color?
  4. Four boys are stranded on a desert island three miles from shore surrounded by Tiger sharks with only a rickety raft, scuba diving gear a laptop with full battery and (surprisingly,) internet connection. What means of escape is the safest for the boys?
  5. Question five. Category: Observation. Question: Did you notice that I neglected to write "Question four, Category: Problem Solving. Question:" on my last question?
  7. Question seven. Category: Math. Question: Caroline has seventeen dollars to buy her mother a birthday present. Her mother has hinted all year that she would really like a new pair of boots for her birthday, because it is in October, right when he weather begins to get snowy in Caroline's town. Caroline goes to the shoe store to buy her mother some boots because they are having a sale for fifteen dollars per pair. What information is Caroline missing to purchase her mother a good gift?
  8. Anna was born in the year 1997. The current year is 2012. Anna has already had her birthday for the current year. How old is Anna?
  9. Question nine. Category: Think About It. Question: Is the letter "Y" a vowel?
  10. Question ten. Category: Think About It. How many teeth does a mosquito have?
  11. Question eleven. Category: Think About It. Question: What was the true name of Mark Twain?
  12. Question twelve. Category: Observation. Question: Again, did you notice that I skipped the "Question ___. Category: ___ Question" on Question number eight?
  14. Question fourteen. Category: Brain Teasers. Question: Which one of these is the correct alphabet? 1: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. 2: ABCDFEGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. 3: BACDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.

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