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There are many people experiencing incontinence but only few manage it in the right way. We made this quiz to help people to find a good way to manage incontinence.

Take the quiz to find what is better for you, it's based on patients experiences. Follow the result, just try our advices and go without incontinence affecting your life!

Created by: clao

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  1. usually you wet the bed?
  2. did you wet yourself in the daytime in the last year?
  3. have you urgency to find a bathroom when you feel need to pee?
  4. when you have urgency how much time before accidents?
  5. do you travel a lot?
  6. do you spend a lot of time out of home? (average)
  7. your typical day is a routine?
  8. how much water do you drink each day?
  9. fear to have accidents makes you avoid going out or social activities?
  10. incontinence make you feel uncomfortable, dirty, bad or different from the others?
  11. do you think wearing some protection is ...

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