If You We're A Animal, What Would You Be?

Hello. This is basically like your spirit animal quiz, but its not. This quiz has some interesting questions. It has about 10 questions. I created a few quizzes and polls and i hope you like it!

Here are some quizzes i made: What Warrior Cat Are You Of My Oc's? My poll: Are you LGBTQ? I hope you like these too! See ya! (I love this poll so much, and i hope you like it too!)

Created by: Lightning Fur
  1. What do you think you would be?
  2. Are you shy, jumpy, ambitious?
  3. So, in a rp, you fell in love with a boy/girl named Mack/Macy. But, a boy/girl, started hanging out with Mack/Macy. What would you do?
  4. What would you say is your pet peeve?
  5. What does your name start with? (First, btw)
  6. What is your nickname? (Username, Rp name, ect.)
  7. Ok, another rp question bc, i cant think of anything else.. In a rp, you become a cat/dog/wolf/fish/cow/ect. You are a stray, and you find somebody who is the same thing as you. So, you:
  8. Whats your lucky number?
  9. Ok, some random questions bc-Are you spanish/espanol, english or Portuguese?
  10. Are you a girl or a boy?

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