If you don't know me, you're dead to me

okay, so I mae this for my myspace and all my "friends". This is for them too see if their, semi-friends, close friends, or not. Whatever the result, it may not be true comsidering it is only a few questions, and their not really important. Though, whatever result you get, tell me. If it's wrong I might correct it, if it's right, I'll let you know. just message me about it. Oh, and sorry, there might a a few typos in the quiz. If I wasn't so lazy, I would fix them, but guess what? I am feeling lazy and tired so I'm not going to.

hope you did well on this quiz thing, and most of all, I hope you learned something new about me,and I hope you had fun. Oh, and hope you thought the quiz was electr!c!! I know I don't, I did this out of boredum. Gah, I have to use at lease 150 charaters!!1 What the else do I have to write in here? There's like nothing else to put!!!1 Gezz!!! Well, here's something new. I'm bored!!! that's for sure... now is that 150 charaters? Gezz, this is totally NOT electr!c...

Created by: gloria

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Lets start with something easy. What are my favorate kind of shoes.
  2. Something really you should know, if you don't,... then I'm deleating you off my friends. What school do I go to?
  3. This SHOULD be easy, what's my fav colors?
  4. how old am I?
  5. What do I lov to do in spare time?
  6. What do I lov to do in spare time?
  7. How long have I been on a track team as a sprinter?
  8. what sports do I play?
  9. how many sibblings do I have?
  10. describe my eyes and hair.
  11. what is my word?

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