Idiot Moron Test

First of all, this quiz is just for fun, and the results don't really amount to anything. In fact, this quiz isn't that great with jokes, but if you just want to pass the time away go ahead and take it! It's only 35 quick and simple questions.

ARE YOU AN IDIOT MORON? Or are you just a regular moron? Or maybe you're just an idiot. Take this super secret awesome outrageous ultimate thrilling supreme great daring stupendous test to find out!

Created by: kevin

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  1. Who discovered America?
  2. How many fingers do you have, (count your thumbs too you puny skeptical mortals!!!!)
  3. What continent is ASIA in?
  4. whic one of these is an animal?
  5. What is the name of this test?
  6. If Jack has 4 apples, and Dan has 7 apples.......... omg just click the correct answer.
  7. Which one doesn't rhyme with "STORE"
  8. What is a "train"
  9. If you live in Australia, where do you live?
  10. Which one of these is good for your body?
  11. which of these is the SMART thing to do?
  12. What is plural for "FUNGUS"
  13. Which one of these is NOT a criminal act in the U.S.A.
  14. Gilligan's __________
  15. What happens when you jab a chainsaw into yourself?
  16. What are/is the magic word(s)? (for proper etiquette and manners)
  17. What are you?
  18. Why is smoking addicting?
  19. What is 3+3?
  20. What color was I thinking about when I made this quiz? Hint: RED
  21. What was Hitler's first name?
  22. How many Q's are there in this sentence?
  23. Where did the French revolution take place?
  24. what does U.S.A. stand for?
  25. Over indulgnce of Alchohol will cause
  26. <NEXT LEVEL!!!!!!> Questions will increase in difficulty JUUUST and pinch.
  27. Super Spiked hair with bright colored clothes that match, along with accessories such as binkis that are used to suck on and trippy outfits describes a what?
  28. What is "Extrinsic"
  29. which is not found in the English alphabet?
  30. (SUPER BONUS QUESTION!!!!) this question is worth MAXIMUM points! but a wrong answer will give you MAXIMUM deduction points. you may answer, or just continue: A game by Hasbro interactive featured the cast of a popular board game. Fatal Illusion included..
  31. Which character did not appear in West Side Story?
  32. What is the Netherlands?
  33. LAST QUESTION!!!!!! how many questions are there? (do not count the age and gender questions)

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