I'm not sure what this is hakuna matata tho

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Idk really- I got bored and yeah.. But this is five people in my group of friends- for you to figure out which one of them you might be- I dont know if

I dont know if it's accurate but here it is! Have fun doing this random thing! lol- not sponsered but go watch my hero academia i need friends--------

Created by: Am'

  1. What challenge would you draw the line at (ex. the ice bucket challenge, etc.)?
  2. Would you watch a horror movie?
  3. What do you do when someone is being rude to you?
  4. Do you like games like tag or hide and seek?
  5. Do you rp?
  6. What animal are you?
  7. Would you rather draw or write for 24 hours?
  8. If you could be any magical/fantasy creature what type would it be?
  9. "Are you okay?"
  10. Favorite fandom

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