I'm a Hot Freaking Shot

Are you a hot shot? It's a simple question. Please take this quiz to see if you have potential of becoming a hot shot. Thanks for taking this wonderful quiz.

Are you the best? Some may consider being the hot shot the best. Please be the best. I'm rooting for you. Great job. You can do it. Thanks for taking this great quiz.

Created by: Serge

  1. Do you like the Dark Knight trilogy?
  2. Do you like the Punisher?
  3. Do you like Jurassic Park?
  4. Do you like Star Wars?
  5. Do you like Lord of the Rings?
  6. Do you like Breaking Bad?
  7. Do you like Wolverine?
  8. Do you like Game of Thrones?
  9. Do you like the Hateful Eight?
  10. Do you like The Avengers?

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