I'll give you a name, month, age, and talent! (girls only).

This quiz will give you an age, name, talent, month. FOR GIRLS ONLY. From the hottest names in America. And also from a fictional family I made up. The McClellan family.

I do hope you enjoy. And remember to smash that great emoji face. It's the green one. That is so joyful. Like how you will be after you take this test.

Created by: Abigail
  1. What initial does your name start with?
  2. pick a color
  3. One word that describes you.
  4. Another word.
  5. What word speaks to you
  6. What would you want to do? In School!
  7. Animal. You Should Probably Look Them Up.
  8. Give your animal a name. Because you have to!
  9. Breakfast food
  10. favorite actor
  11. Bye

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