I can guess your hair color

Hair colors vary in everyone. From brunette to red, brown to blonde. Depending on your genes, where you come from and a whole lot of other stuff, your could be different from everyone elses around you.

Now its my turn to try and guess what color YOUR hair is. I seriously doubt I'm gonna get it right because guessing someones hair color is harder than you may think! But I'm gonna try! Comment if I got it right and how far off I was!

Created by: Unicorn84
  1. What race are you?
  2. How pale/dark are you?
  3. What color hair do your parents have?
  4. Do you have natural higlights? If so, what color?
  5. Do you have unnatural higlights? If so, what color?
  6. Do you think I will get your hair color right?
  7. What color are your eyebrows? (me: hahahahaha)
  8. Did you lie on the question above?
  9. Last question. Did you like Ariana Grande with her natural hair or with red hair?
  10. Ok so I was joking, that wasn't the last question...Psych! So anyway, what color eyes do you have?
  11. Would you mind commenting and telling me if I got it right or if I got it miserably wrong?

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Quiz topic: I can guess my hair color