I can guess your age

There are many smart people who can figure out how I made this quiz. Are you one of them? I can guess how old you you are with just 13 questions. Try and challenge me to find out how I Made it

How old are you? It ranges from under 18 to over 50, is that not awesome? I bet I can guess how old you are so you think I can? This quiz is amazing! Please comment below about how awesome it is after you have completed it.

Created by: Gamer

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choose 1 A-?
  2. C-?
  3. G-?
  4. B-?
  5. I-?
  6. F-?
  7. H-?
  8. Q-?
  9. K-?
  10. P-?
  11. I can stop adding questions now can I.

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Quiz topic: I can guess my age