I can guess you AGE!!! (Updated Ver.)

..sorry.. ..i.. ..am.. ..really.. ..not.. ..in.. ..the.. ..mood.. ..to.. ..be.. ..wrighting.. ..150.. ..words.. ..right.. ..now.. ..bc.. ..i.. ..died.. ..inside..

Did.. ..you.. ..think.. ..i.. ..can.. ..do.. ..it.. ..or.. ..not.. ..man.. ..i.. ..am.. ..tried.. ..only.. ..god.. ..knows.. ..how.. ..much.. ..sleep.. ..i.. ..need.. ..so.. ..good.. ..night..

Created by: Yoi Morgan

  1. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!How old are you
  2. Whats your gender?
  3. Hello how are you?
  4. Did you know I have an older version of this?
  5. Well that version sucks compared to this one!
  6. I will get your answer right 100%!!!
  7. Soooo will you vote?
  8. Will you comment????
  9. Thank you for thanking my quiz!
  10. P.S. You are beautiful and amazing!!!

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