Hunger Games: Part One

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Your name is Evelyn Bright. You have sunbleached blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Your skilled with a bow and arrow, like Katniss, and is skilled at a lot of other things. You love your little sister, Tessa, who has dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

This is Hunger Games: Part One. It's Cassie, by the way. I kind of forgot my password to my other account. :3 Anyways, I hope you guys like this series better than my other one, so... have fun! :)

Created by: TheNeonOcean

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  1. With my bow and quiver of arrows strapped to my back, I tavel to the forest. There I meet my best friend, Taylor. He is there, like he had promised. In his hand, he has a rabbit. My stomach twists, seeing the rabbits head half off. "God, Tay. That's completely disgusting," I say. Taylor smirks, stuffing the rabbit into his hunting sack. "I know right?" He says, scrunching his nose in mock disgust. I roll my eyes. "Anyways," I say, looking around the forest. "Need any help?" Taylor shakes his head. "Nah. We really need to get back. The reaping starts really soon." I nod in agreement and together, we walk back to our small huts of District 10.
  2. I reach my familys' hut and step inside. My mother and father are there, waiting for me. Dad pulls me into a hug, but mom just stands there. "Honey," Mom says, grabbing my hand. "We've gotten you a dress," She leads me into my room, where, on my small bed, is a silky ivory green V-neck dress. I gasp. "It's..oh my Gosh. It's gorgeous," I say, eyes tearing up a bit. I turn towards them. "I love it. Where's Tessa?" I ask them. Will is my little sister, the girl I love with all of my heart. It's going to be her first time in the reaping, so luckily hr name will only go into the reaping bowl once. Mine name, on the other hand, will go in 47 times. I'm nervous.
  3. I find Tessa, rocking back and forth on her bad, hugging her knees. "Tessa," I say, hugging her tightly. "I don't want to do this. What if my name is pulled?" She asks, tears streaming down her cheeks. I bite my lower lip. "No. Your not ever. Ever. Going into the Hunger Games," I tell her, fighting my own tears. She gasps for breathe, heaving heavy sobs. "Wha-What if your name is picked, Evie? Oh my, God..." She panics, clinging to my arms. Daddy walks into the room. "Time to go," He says, eyes rimmed with tears.
  4. I've bathed, twisted my hair into a sloppy, braided bun, and slipped the beautiful ivory green dress on. I smile in spite of myself. It feels so stupid to dress up, seeing if your going to die or not. Tessa skips into the room, wearing a light pink dress with ruffles. I grin. "You look gorgeous, Evie!" She exclaims, admiring the dress that's tight in all the right spots. "You look way better than me," I argue, picking her up and spinning her. She giggles.
  5. When we finally get to the reaping, and is pricked for proof of identity, I drop Tessa off in her age group, then walk to mine. My heart is pumping and my blood is pulcing. I want to kick and scream, punch and cry. The girls around me look equally scared. Some of them are even looking to the younger age groups, to find their little brother or sister, as I am doing. I see Tessa whispering to a girl next to her, looking ready to cry. I'm not very good at reading lips, but I see Tessa's mouth form my name. Then, Bliss Krayn walks onto stage. She's very... odd. She has lavender purple hair that's cut short, but not boy short, and has tiny, sea blue-green curls at the end, kind of snake like. Her skin is tinted pinkish, with long blue eyelashes, green lips and rainbow colored eyes. Her sunset orange dress is too tight, making her look like she starves herself. She goes on and on about the Hunger Games. Then we watch the video we alway watch, about the various places and setting where the Hunger Games took place. When the movie ends, Bliss looks to the crowd. "Time to pick the tributes. And remember: May the odds be ever in your favor!" She says in her Capitol English voice. "Ladies first," Then she scoots to the reaping bowl and slowly puts her hand in. She smiles to the crowd, hand moving this way in that in the bowl. My breathe quickens. Can't she hurry? She finally pulls out a slip. "Oh, this is going to be a good one. I just know it!" She says, unfolding the piece of paper. She reads it over and over. I know this because her eyes dart back and forth to the same spots. It's a short name.
  6. Bliss opens her mouth very slowly. The crowd and girls around seem to not be breathing. "Evelyn Bright," She says into the mic. My heart slams into my rib cage. I hear Tessa screaming. The girls around me part, looking at me like I carry a unattainable disease. The Peacekeepers grab my wrists. I hear Tessa screaming. I feel dizzy with the knowledge of the blood-curtling game. I want to cry, but my eyes are dry. I'm taken to the stage, not remembering anything that had just happened. Bliss grins at me, then scoots her way to the boys' bowl. Her hand reaches in and quickly pulls a slip out. She reads the name.
  7. "Samuel Green." She says. I let out a breath and look to the crowd. Sam Green is kind of a loner in school, walking around with his head down. I don't know why, but I think he does that because he's got a lot of older brothers. All of the girl's think Sam is cute, and I'm one of those girls. He's got light brown hair the runs into his eyes, which are misty blue. I spot him in the crowd and his face, which is usually sunkissed, is white, as if he's seen a ghost. The peacekeepers take him up to the stage, on the other side of me. "Shake hands, you two." Bliss says, grinning wildly. We shake hands. At his touch, my eyes dart up into his. When we stop shaking, I look away awkwardly. Bliss comes between us, squishing us into a hug. "Oh, this is going to be fun!" She squeaks.
  8. We are taken into the court rooms, where I will be seeing visitors. First, my family dashes into the room. "Evie, oh my, God. My baby," Dad says, tears stremming down his cheeks. My mother is sobbing, like she has been when she came in. Then Tessa enters, checks stained wet. She races to me and jumps into my arms. "No! Please, please don't go! Please, Evie!" She screams, bawling all over again. I set her down and look her right in the eyes. "Tessa, I need you to calm down," I say to her calmly. She follows my orders. "Promise me you'll win?" She says softly, sniffling a little. I take a deep breath. "I promise."
  9. My next visitor is Taylor. I'm in his arms and sobbing in less than a second. He hungs me tight, telling me that I'll be okay. I shake my head and break free of his embrace. "Taylor, I promised her. I promised her to live. How am I going to keep that promise? It's going to eat me alive," I say, wiping my tears. Taylor kisses my cheek. "You are the strongest person I know. You can do this. You've got your bow and arrow. You will be amazing." He assures me. His eyes are rimmed with tears, I know. One drops, and he quickly brushes it away. "Be strong, Evelyn."
  10. After I've had all of my vistors, and Sam's had all of his, we're taken to the train that'll deliver us to the Capitol. Sam and I are sitting in the dining room, watching the blurred images woosh by. I look at him, and catch him looking at me. "I'm scared." I say, taking a deep breath. Sam looks down. "So am I," He says. He takes my hands in his and squeezes. "But you'll make it," He says to me. I look at him. "You have more of a chance, Sam. Your stong." I tell him, confused. He shakes his head. "I've seen what you can do. Those moves, your quickness, your aim. You'll win, Eve." He says looking straight into my eyes. "I believe in you."

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