Hunger Games BFF

Have you ever wondered who would be your bestie if you where in the world of Hunger Games If you have than this is the quiz for you, if not than try it anyway.

Jk if you don't want to do this quiz than don't but if you do you will learn who your bestie would be if you where in Suzanne Collins book The Hunger Games.

Created by: Gideon Rasmussen

  1. What district would you want to live in?
  2. Would you be a career?
  3. Out of these what would you do as your career?
  4. What do you think you would place in the Hunger Games
  5. Pick one of the Attributes that describes you the best.
  6. Fav Color
  7. Favourite food
  8. Do you approve of the hunger games
  9. How do you like to get paid?
  10. Who would you like to be friends with ( doesn't change the score)

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