Howrse quiz for people

You cant win em all. You suck at this, I am probably a terrible person but you are terrible at this.You are a Genius! Your cat is probably smarter than you. Just Kidding you are AMAZING.

You are not a genius you are not a howrsse player your mom knows more than you. I'm just kidding you are AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE, OUTSIDE.

Created by: Sally

  1. How many Xanthos's can a person stroke?
  2. How many Topaz can one person congratulate?
  3. How many times can you defrost a Frost?
  4. Who is the creator of Howrse?
  5. How many times can you answer Archimedes in a day?
  6. Can you have a black list?
  7. How many horses can you have?
  8. Can you kill a horse with a Philosophers stone?
  9. Can you kill somebody else's horse?
  10. Do you have to have your parents permission to register on Howrse?

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