How Wolflike are You

A wolf is an amazing creature. A wolf is in the dog family. And you know what a dog is. Right? I hope that is a yes. Wolves howl to communicate with each other. Not with the moon.

Are you part wolf? Do you like the wolves lifestyle? How wolf like are you? Until now you could only wonder. In this cool quiz you can find out. AWOOOO!

Created by: Tawny Winters
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  1. Meat is:
  2. My dream Habitat is:
  3. You are in the forest. You hear a howl. You:
  4. A wolf is right in front of you. You:
  5. You are hunting a squirrel. Your materials are:
  6. You get away from the pack. You:
  7. A couch is finally vacant. As you get comfy, probably keeping boys away with your scent, perfume, some girl's bottom is a foot away from the couch. You:
  8. Big groups of wolves hunt:
  9. Wolves are:
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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