How Will You Die Tonight?

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Many people die in the world....... how will you die? Take this awesome quiz to find out how you die tonight. Good luck!! Random words now. Elvis. Dog....

How you answer these questions will determine how you die. Answer carefully.. remember you will die tonight so good luck. have fun. random words again.. dog

Created by: EragonLover

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  1. Your friends invite you to go to a party; you say...
  2. What's your favorite hobby?
  3. You come home to find no-one in the house you..
  4. You wake up at 1:12 A.M. and hear the doorbell ring.. you ..
  5. You are at the mall.. what do you do?
  6. You are at home reading a book.. what genre is it?
  7. You are walking with your friend in the woods.. you hear strange noises you..
  8. It's storming outside.. what do you do?
  9. OH NO! the power goes off.. you
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Quiz topic: How will I Die Tonight?