How wellwell do you know Heartland season 2?

Hey! If you like Heartland season two do this quiz! Let's see how much you know about season two! Can't wait to see well start the quiz now! I hope you do well!

Are you genius at Heartland season two. Let's think about that. Don't wait just do it! Comment whatever I say to comment! I'll comment back promise! Ya!

Created by: JoJo
  1. In the first episode who gets out of the truck with Jack?
  2. Is Amy
  3. Does Ty and Amy gain back their friendship later.
  4. Does Caleb like Ty
  5. Where does Caleb live?
  6. Who does Caleb live with?
  7. Does Amy and Caleb date?
  8. Who bought spartan after he was stolen?
  9. Does Jack let Amy and Ty go to the cabins themselves?
  10. Do Ty and Amy finally confess their feeling for each other?
  11. Who was internet guy?
  12. Comment and rate
  13. Are you glad Amy and Ty got back together?

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Quiz topic: How wellwell do I know Heartland season 2?