How well do you remember Dawn of the clans book 1

Hey how well do you remember Dawn of the clans the suntrail probably badly anything I hope people remember the ending that left you in tears by the book forest divide

When you take this quiz sorry for the lack of cat name usage it's been a while since I read the first book of saw of the clans. So please enjoy this quiz.

Created by: Dreamcat

  1. Who was the leader of the tribe
  2. Why did they leave the moutain
  3. Why did Gray wing leave
  4. Who did Gray wing meet
  5. Who was Clear sky's first mate
  6. How did storm die
  7. Who left to be a kitty pet
  8. Who did turtle tail love
  9. What did Clear sky do when his son
  10. Who was killed in the thunderpath

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Quiz topic: How well do I remember Dawn of the clans book 1