Which of my five clans do you belong in?

We all have made or want to make our own clans. This quiz will determine which of my five clans you belong too. From the brave HawkClan to the clever MarshClan, there are five possible answers!

I hope you enjoy the quiz! Remember to not rush, pick answers honestly, and have fun! Please comment, rate, or both at the end! Thank you so much! Enjoy!

Created by: Dovewingfan

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Which of these prey do you prefer?
  3. What would you look like?
  4. Which of these territories would you live in?
  5. Which of these would you want as your prefix?
  6. Which of these would you like as a suffix?
  7. Who would you like as an apprentice?
  8. How many kits would you and your mate want?
  9. What would thier genders be?
  10. What about there names?
  11. Do you want to be leader?
  12. One last question; would you take this quiz again?

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Quiz topic: Which of my five clans do I belong in?