How well do you meme?

Interesting memes there are indeed, the old Pepe, the new we no de wae. Memes are a way many people express their pain and feeling, or to stay away from social events.

Are you a dank? A spicy? A normie? A Facebook mom who likes minion memes and thinks even a normal picture of a cat is the funniest meme to ever touch Facebook?

Created by: Memer
  1. Whom rides a unicycle?
  2. Who says "we no de wae"
  3. Which is more of a meme?
  4. What is the name of Keemstar hit song?
  5. Who wrote "its everyday bro"
  6. Who says much wow
  7. Here come ____ oh s--- waddup
  8. What came first, Bleach or Tide Pods
  9. According to the meme world, 9+10=?
  10. Is water wet
  11. i____?

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Quiz topic: How well do I meme?