How well do you know Yu-gi-oh?

Hi Guys, Hot Boy here, today we are gonna do a quiz about Yu-gi-oh! Hopefully you get full marks, and also for revision, you can retake this quiz, and hopefully Getting full marks!

If you have any comments, please take the ten questions below and make suggestions on how to improve this, or make suggestions of other quizzes. Good Luck guys!

Created by: Hot Boy

  1. What type of duel disk does the villain Dartz hold?
  2. How old is Dartz?
  3. Who is Mokuba, Kaiba’s little brother’s favourite food?
  4. Who is Kaiba’s Dad?
  5. Which material is used in fusing dragon master knight?
  6. Which is one of Dartz’s Three swordsmen
  7. Which is the last duel of yugioh series?
  8. What is Serpent God Geh’s attack?
  9. Who did Yami yugi/ Atem marry?
  10. How old is Atem?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Yu-gi-oh?