How well do you know your AUDC season 2 members?

There are many AUDC season 2 fans, but are you a real fan of AUDC? Some people like AUDC alot, and you might be one of them! Take this quiz to see how much of a AUDC fan you are!

Are you really an AUDC season 2 fan? Do you think you are the biggest AUDC fan ever? Have you seen every episode? Do you know everybody's name? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Mandy

  1. Who was out second?
  2. Which one of the twins were out?
  3. Who is Abby's favorite?
  4. Who did Abby use the call back card on?
  5. Who said "I want Gianna to leave so I don't have to hear Gianna Gianna!"
  6. Who couldn't do an aerial?
  7. Who won one of the challenges?
  8. Who notices alot of people on instagram?
  9. When did Trinity get out?
  10. Who says their daughters name to much?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my AUDC season 2 members?