How well do you know your Animal Jam youtubers?

There are loads of AJ jammers, and 95 percent watch AJ videos! Many, many jammers do love videos! But only few know all about the famous jammers! Are you one?

Wondering? Oh, well, I know you don't know! Well, just answer few questions and KNOW if you know the youtubers! Now, let's see if you have the powers to get this title!

Created by: AnnielovelyAJ

  1. Hello! I'm Annielovely on AJ! Okay, so first, when did you first start watching AJ videos?
  2. Okay, okay. What was the first AJ YouTube drama you were there for(must be in person, as in at the time the drama was happening)
  3. Okie.. Who is your favourite YouTuber? (Animal Jam)
  4. Say, the earliest video you saw?
  5. The Youtuber who is VERY silly is..?
  6. The first couple out of these? Real ones, not ones that were made from just people flirting and other.
  7. Who was there when Jilac was there..?
  8. Okay. Hardies, now. The first jammer to do the inverted colour outfit. FAMOUS jammers. (As of 2016, August)
  9. Kk so like this is a free question. JUST choose which makes most sense at of 2016
  10. Ummm, do you like this quiz?
  11. Okay. HAVE A GOOD DAY!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Animal Jam youtubers?