How well do you know us?


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Created by: Blue_Eclipse228
  1. First five questions will be about me, the next 5 Esp can add in. Let's start!
  2. 1) What be Cats favorite color?
  3. 2) What be Cats favorite animal?
  4. 3) What be Cats pfp?
  5. 4) What is Cats sexuality?
  6. 5) What be Cats favorite food?
  7. Time for Esp's questions!
  8. 6) What is Eclipse's favorite food?
  9. 7) What is Eclipse's pfp?
  10. 8) What is Eclipse's sexuality?
  11. 9) What is Eclipse's favorite color?
  12. 10) What is Eclipse's favorite animal?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know us?