how well do you know twilight and new moon?

do you think you know what twilight is?if you do then come see if you are a genius. whats your percentage?whether it is zero through sixteen or eighty four through one hundred you still did great!!!!

are you a true genius for twilight take this quiz now to see how much you think you think you know twilight? what ever your score is you still did great~!!!!!~

Created by: stephanie

  1. what color is bella's truck?
  2. what color car did alice steal in new moon?
  3. which couples are correct?
  4. what school does alice, jasper, emmet, rosalie, edward, bella, jessica, angela, mike, and eric go to?
  5. how old is bella in new moon?
  6. how old is edward in his vampire years?
  7. who trys to kill bella in the ballet studio in twilight?
  8. who was the first person to wish bella a happy birthday?
  9. in new moon who says: i have never met anyone more prone to life threating idiocy!
  10. (all those others were easy so heres a harder one)why does bella do all those things like cliff jumping,and riding a motor cycle?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know twilight and new moon?