How well do you know Twilight?

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Twilight is kind of complicated. There are some people who think they know about it but really... they don't. If you LOVE Twilight you will ace this. If not....

So the question is... Are you a true Twihard? Do you know everything about Twilight inside and out? Well you might as well find out! Take this quiz and find out what you know!

Created by: TeamJasper

  1. What is Bella's last name?
  2. What is Bella's kid named?
  3. Who is Alice with?
  4. Who is the actor who plays Jasper?
  5. How old is Edward?
  6. Who is in charge of the family?
  7. Jacob is a...
  8. Where do Edward and Bella go for a honey moon?
  9. What is Charlie's job?
  10. What is Carlisle's Job?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Twilight?