How well do you know Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry was something funnier than looney tunes. It has lots of references to a bunch of 80s to 90s tv shows and movies. So what can you do? See it for yourself?

What can you be doing for a man of cartoons that is an overrated masterpiece. What can you be doing for this overrated masterpiece of all kinds of cartoons?

Created by: Ben10andMixelsJeremy
  1. What was the first short?
  2. Who is Jerry?
  3. Who is Tom?
  4. Who appeared in Tom and Jerry: a Nutcracker tale?
  5. What is the name of the suck?
  6. What is the king of the cats?
  7. When did Tom and Jerry first Start?
  8. Did Tom shrunk ant size in dr. Jekyll and mr. mouse?
  9. What is the toy horse named?
  10. Last question… was Jerry brown in color?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Tom and Jerry.