How well do you know them (anyone)

Take this quiz to find out how well you know someone. It could be anyone at all, your friend, someone you don't know very well, family members, someone you want to get to know etc

How well do you know someone? Find out if you know as much as a stranger would know, a friend or more than a friend would know with questions about a lot of things

Created by: chocolatefrog
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  1. To start with, do you know their first and last names?
  2. Do you know their age?
  3. Do you know their eye colour?
  4. Do you know their birth date?
  5. Do you know their middle name(s)?
  6. Do you know how many brothers and sisters they have?
  7. Do you know where they live?
  8. Are they left or right-handed?
  9. Do you know what their favourite colour is?
  10. How many foods/drinks can you think of that they particularly like?
  11. Do you know what their writing looks like?
  12. Do you know if they've ever been on a plane?
  13. Can you think of any things they dislike/that annoy them?
  14. Do they like spicy food?
  15. Do you know if they have any pets?
  16. Do you know if they're a vegetarian?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know them (anyone)