How Well Do YOU Know The Unwanteds

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This quiz is a few simple questions to see how well you know the Unwanteds! It’s a very short quiz sorry 😐 couldn’t figured out how to add more...

Please do not take this quiz if you haven’t read the books major spoiler alerts 🚨! Enjoy! Also this is only for the Unwanted Series not including the Unwanteds Quest.

Created by: Billy Bob
  1. Who kills Marcus Today?
  2. In the first book why does Simber get mad at Lani?
  3. What is Samheeds talent?
  4. Who do the Uwanteds rescue from the Island of Graves?
  5. In The Island of Legends who kills the eel and how?
  6. What island does Aaron turn from a bratty little boy to a wholesome young man?
  7. How does Meghan (Sorry I think I spelled her name wrong) die?
  8. Who killed the High Priest Justine?
  9. Who put Simber back together?
  10. Who brought Lhasa back to life?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Unwanteds