How well do you know the the Twilight saga?

This quiz is about the Twilight saga, your twilight facts, history everything Twilight! Only a true genius can master this, but take it and you might soon become one.

If you think you know twilight then take this quiz you want to find out how much you know twilight then take it now! in just a few mintes you will find out if you are a real twilight master!

Created by: Jenifer and Kathrine

  1. what is the name of the beach where Bella flirts with Jacob?
  2. how long has bellas grandmother been dead?
  3. what color is bellas bed spred in forlks?
  4. what color was the car alice drove bella to the voltari in to save edward?
  5. carlisle was not a former member of the voltari?
  6. esme was turned into a vampier by who?
  7. Who was used by Victoria to start the vampier war?
  8. What did Bella and Edward name their baby?
  9. What game do the Cullen's like to play during a thunderstorm?
  10. What kind of animal does Edward like to hunt?
  11. What kind of animal does Emmett like to hunt?
  12. What kind of car dose Rosalie drive?
  13. Who are 2 people in Edward family that do not have the last name Cullen?
  14. In what movie did Edward propose with a ring?
  15. What kind of powers dose Bella have when she becoms a vampier?
  16. What color is Jacob's fur color when is is a werewolf?
  17. How old was Jacob when he and Bella first rode motercycles together?
  18. Why did Bella attack jacob in Beaking dawn?
  19. Why did Bella punch jacob in Eclipse?
  20. who recused Bella from the forest after Edward left her?
  21. Who tried to attacked Bella at her birthday party?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the the Twilight saga?