How well do you know the sweeney Todd movie?

Im glad to say that there are sweeney Todd lovers out there like you and I. You see we have different minds we have dark and mysterious minds not happy ones we love acting thanks.

Are YOU the a HUGE sweeney Todd fan? Do you have what it takes to get these basic Sweeney Todd questions right? Enter if You dare the minds of mystery and darkness of murder and sadness Welcome :)

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  1. What was sweeney Todds real name?
  2. What happened to lucy ?
  3. Was lucy still alive?
  4. Who was lucy when Sweeney Todd went back to london?
  5. Who did sweeney Todd really wanna kill?
  6. Why did Sweeney Todd wanna kill Judge Turpin?
  7. Who is Beadle?
  8. Who Is lucy ?
  9. Who is Ms.Lovett ?
  10. Who is toby ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the sweeney Todd movie?