How Well Do You Know The Song Lyrics?

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How Well Do You Know The Song Lyrics is a test made to show you your song lyric IQ. Do you think you know every song lyric there is to know? You might or might not even know nothing. Take this test now to find out!

*Warning: Do not cheat on this test, because if you do then this test was just a complete waste of your time!* If you want an accurate result on how well you know the song lyrics, then take this test WITHOUT cheating!

Created by: Shimmers

  1. ♫ Now, the party don't start until______. ♫
  2. ♫ We just want the_______. ♫
  3. ♫ I'm not______. ♫
  4. ♫ Can't you see it's we who own the_____? ♫
  5. ♫ Drop it low and________. ♫
  6. ♫ My beat_____. ♫
  7. ♫ Yeah, we can get___________. ♫
  8. ♫ I mean we can really get it, we can______. ♫
  9. ♫ It might seem crazy what I'm about to_______. ♫
  10. ♫ I got_____problems. ♫
  11. ♫ There's a party in the________. ♫
  12. ♫ I keep a blue flag_________. ♫
  13. ♫ Who be the_____of the sound? ♫
  14. ♫ We can't______. ♫
  15. ♫ Wasn't paying me enough, I needed something_____. ♫

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Song Lyrics?