Do you know the lyrics of Descendants songs?

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I tried to make this quiz as fun as I could. I just really enjoy the songs from Descendants... so here we are! So basically just a test on the lyrics... nothing else. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

So basically works like this: I give an example of a lyric from one of the songs from ANY of the movies. There are going to be choices of some of the songs. You choose the song you think the lyric is from. It's that simple ^-^

Created by: CarlosDeVil

  1. "The truth is..."
  2. "And no, it's not your father's hair on fire"
  3. "Father was mature"
  4. "It's finally my turn"
  5. "Hear her voice in my head"
  6. "Will you still be with me once the magic's all run out"
  7. "But maybe I'm just too bad"
  8. "We come together for a good time"
  9. "Never learned how to count 'cause I'm number one"
  10. "But there's so much road ahead of me"
  11. "Judgin' me cuz of my background"
  12. "Get over it"
  13. "Just look at Ben's face then ask yourself how long you think I'll remain patient"
  14. "I gotta know which way to go, come give me a sign"
  15. "You look like you would lose a fight to an alley cat"
  16. "It's tearing me apart, not listenin' to my heart"
  17. "These streets named after us because we paved the way"
  18. "This is all-out war they got us outnumbered"

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Quiz topic: Do I know the lyrics of Descendants songs?