how well do you know the sims 4?

alot of people in the world play the sims and many play the sims 4 but not all pay attention and remember all of the little details in the game like the sims lifestyle.

i love the sims 4 and i bet you do too so i hope that you like i want to find out how much you acctually know about the world on your computer screen of the sims 4.

Created by: none of your buisness

  1. what is the pegi rating for the sims 4?
  2. how many worlds do you get with base game?
  3. did you get toddlers in the base game?
  4. how many sims can you have in one household?
  5. which is not an existing world?
  6. which lot trait ups your chances of having twins?
  7. which is not a kind of cake in the sims 4?
  8. in cas (base game) which accsesory can you have for kids?
  9. do you get pets in the sims 4?
  10. which is not a job in the sims 4?
  11. which can you not find in a fridge?
  12. did you like my quiz and are you good at the sims 4?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the sims 4?