How well do you know the Robins (DC)?

Hullo! This is just a really short, basic quiz on the Robins of DC! I'm pretty sure all the info is pre-New 52, but at this point some of the material has all blended together.

(Not to mention that I'm kind of, sort of, maybe ignoring canon at the moment since, y'know, the whole thing has gone right down the drain. What are you doing, DC?)

Created by: softredrobin
  1. Who is the first Robin?
  2. Who was the leader of We Are Robin?
  3. Which Robin is acknowledged to be extremely likely to surpass Batman?
  4. Which Gotham Rogue tends to have a soft spot for the Robins?
  5. The fourth Robin was Robin for such a short time that they are often not regarded as a Robin. Who was this?
  6. Which Robin is notorious for being the first to die?
  7. Which Robin successfully becomes Batman following the Battle for the Cowl?
  8. What city besides Gotham is Nightwing known to operate in?
  9. Following the role of Robin being given to Damian Wayne, what identity does Tim Drake adopt?
  10. Who is the only Bat to have been both Robin and Batgirl?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Robins (DC)?