How Well Do You Know The OMG Girlz

This quiz is dedicated to the best singing group ever..The OMG Girlz. They are more than semi famous but not enough for everyone to know them. But do you know them.

Well if you know them, how much do you no about them. That's what this OMG Girlz quiz is all about. Find out how much you know about the OMG Girlz by clicking those little round circles and submit your answers.Thanks XOXO -Chocolate Coco

Created by: Chocolate Coco

  1. What is Miss Star's Real Name
  2. What is Miss Beauty's Real Name
  3. What is Miss Babydoll's real name
  4. Who is Bahja's Sister
  5. Before Babydoll joined the group what was the OMG Girlz hit spin off song of Soulja Boy Tell'em 's "Pretty Boy Swag"
  6. Which Rapper is Zonnique's Step Dad
  7. Miss Beauty's Mom is:
  8. Where is Zonnique and Bahja From:
  9. What was the first song with Miss Babydoll in it
  10. Who used to be in The OMG Girlz group

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The OMG Girlz