how well do you know the movie titanic? extreme

Do you really really really think that you know the movie titanic?? I know it pretty well, I have seen it quite a few times, but of course not to where I obsses over it

This is my very first quiz. I hope that you people like it... try not to be mean about i. And it would take a genius and extreme movie lover like me to do just as well.. knock yourself out :)

Created by: wolves1867

  1. Precisely how long is the movie
  2. Where does Jack live?
  3. Which was said?
  4. What color were roses eyes
  5. What happens to rose in the end?
  6. Who plays the old rose?
  7. Who plays the old rose?
  8. How old was Gloria Stuart when she died, and what happened?
  9. Roses dress from leaving Southampton had stripes. What were they
  10. What year was rose born?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the movie titanic? extreme