How well do you know Take That?

Probably, if you've read the title of this quiz, you already know what it is about, the best boy/manband ever existed: Take That!!! They're recording a new studio album and I thought, let's make a quiz about the boys. How well do you know them?

Every TT fan is wondering: Will Robbie be in the next album? According to Howard: It's an amazing album, we're really proud of it! So... Lets hope he is on the new album!!

Created by: TakeThatarethebestttt

  1. What was the boys very first number one?
  2. What was the boys first single?
  3. Who is the eldest member of the band
  4. Witch set of songs features Mark on lead vocals?
  5. Finish the lyrics: There's a .... Cloud, hanging over you
  6. Who is the youngest member of the band?
  7. What song brought the boys back after 10 years?
  8. Fill in the missing word: You light the skies up above me, a ... So bright you blind me
  9. What is the middle name of Jason?
  10. Witch member has a twin brother?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Take That?