How well do you know Star Wars Clone Wars?

Howdy, Star Wars Clone Wars fans! You've come to the right quiz! This little quiz I've made challenges how much you really know about the Clone Wars. Are you up to the task?

The Cone Wars was always a favorite of mine. The new characters, places, battles and weapons never ceased to amaze me. With the new upcoming season, it's time to refresh your memory on The Clone Wars in this short quiz!

Created by: Bonnie L. Starsight
  1. How many seasons were there? (This includes the new one coming out in 2019.)
  2. What season did Ahsoka leave?
  3. Who voiced Savage Opress?
  4. Why did the Council assign Ahsoka to Anakin?
  5. Which voice actor did LucasFilm, (which I guess is Disney now), like so much that they allowed him to voice his character in the live action movies?
  6. Who was the character a big percentage of The Clone Wars fans wanted to see the most, team up with Obi-Wan?
  7. What was the name of the Chancellor's aid who was with Master Sifo-Dyas when he crashed?
  8. What was Asajj Ventress to Dooku?
  9. Who were the three clones who were with Clone Captain Rex when he was shot by commando droids on Saleucami?
  10. Where did Hondo Ohnaka take Count Dooku when the Count was stranded?
  11. Alright, last one: What was the last words of Ahsoka as she walked away from the Jedi Order?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Star Wars Clone Wars?