How well do you know Soul Eater?

There are a lot of anime tv shows, but there are few that are actually really good. In my opinion, Soul Eater is one of the best anime shows. Test your stuff in this quiz.

Are you a true Soul Eater fan? Test yourself in this quiz. It's probably will be very easy for you. I didn't include anything from after second season. Have fun!

Created by: Kelloggcornflake121

  1. Who is Soul?
  2. True or False? Dr. Stein is a meister.
  3. Is Tsubaki a weapon or a meister?
  4. Who is Black Star?
  5. Does Death the Kid have two weapons?
  6. What color is Spirit (Maka's dad) hair?
  7. Is Crona a meister?
  8. Who is the Kishin with three eyes?
  9. What does DMWA stand for?
  10. True or false? Crona's sword's name is Ragonark.
  11. Who are Liz and Patty?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Soul Eater?