How well do you know songs of this year? (2012)

Guess the lyrics to some of the most famous songs of the year. (2012) Some may be hard some may be easy. But only the best can do well enough to get the top score.

These songs were chosen randomly on a lyric website so if they are not from the year 2012 please notify me and I will try to get it fixed as soon as possible!

Created by: Kunai

  1. 'I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drum. Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone.' GUESS!
  2. 'Smoke rolling out the window. An ice cold beer sitting in console'
  3. 'In the rain, with a drink, from the back of the bar. I would raise up my voice you would raise it up more.'
  4. 'The worst things in life come free to us. Cos we are just under the upper hand and go mad for a couple grams.'
  5. 'Do you remember summer '09. Wanna go back there every night. Just can't lie it was the best time of my life.'
  6. 'A girl who looks quiet but plays when she plays. A girl who puts her hair down when the right time comes.'
  7. 'WEEEEEEEEEE Are never ever ever getting back together. Weeeee are never ever ever getting back together. Like ever.'
  8. 'I knew that we'd become one right away Oh right away At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays'
  9. 'Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway She's living in a world and it's on fire'
  10. 'You're leaving now for my own good That's cool but if my friends ask where you are I'm gonna say'

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Quiz topic: How well do I know songs of this year? (2012)